Our Story

Wines are slowly becoming a normal staple in a Filipino household. Seeing rows and rows of international brands in supermarkets and retailers led us to thinking, why can't the Philippines boast its own selection of delicious and healthy fruit wines?

Admittedly, we are not the first ones to create local fruit wine. Although wine-quality grapes cannot thrive in our lands, we have rich soil that produces bountiful, nutritious fruit that tastes just as good, if not better, if produced into wine. As a matter of fact, locally-produced fruit wine has been around for a long time but it has never been mastered and given the attention it deserves.

So Vin de Pays was born - out of a thirst for local patronage and for creating a sustainable and healthy wine option in the market. We proudly support local farmers and producers in the Quezon province.

We want our wine to embody the abundance of Filipino agriculture, talent, and innovation.

Our hope is to share the gift of good wine to the Philippines and eventually, the world!

About us

Oceanic Global Trading Solutions, Inc. was duly established on June 18, 2018, with registration number CS201950520. Its incorporation's primary purpose is to engage in the business of selling and distributing medicinal, herbal wines, and other pharmaceutical products that will help to promote a better healthy lifestyle to our clients.