February Finds

Mangosteen Wine

Introducing the deliciously unique Vin de Pays Mangosteen Wine from the Philippines!

Made from the finest mangosteen fruits, this wine offers a one-of-a-kind taste experience that is sure to delight your senses. The sweet and tangy flavor of the mangosteen is perfectly balanced with the rich, smooth taste of the wine, creating a harmonious blend that is sure to please any palate.

Not only is our Mangosteen Wine delicious, it also offers a wide range of health benefits. Mangosteen is known for its high levels of antioxidants, which can help to boost the immune system and protect against diseases. And, as a wine, it contains resveratrol which is a heart-protective compound found in the skin of grapes.

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About Vin de Pays

Crafted in the Land of a Thousand Colors - the Quezon Province - Vin de Pays'
mangosteen and guyabano wines were created by local artisans using the
traditional winemaking process where the fruits are fermented traditionally
without heat, preserving the vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes that keeps
the amplified health benefits of these popular fruits intact while highlighting
their delectable tastes. The fruits used to create Vin de Pays are all locally and
sustainably grown.

Vin de Pays is not your ordinary fruit wine. We are all about enjoying quality
homegrown wines and living a healthy lifestyle.

  • FDA-approved

    Our products have met the necessary safety and labelling standards set by the FDA which means they can be safely enjoyed by you!

  • 100% Natural

    True to our philosophy, we only use natural ingredients - free from artificial preservatives and additives - with the freshest and highest quality fruits picked at peak ripeness.

  • Proudly local

    Our fruit wines are true representations of our local terroir. Grown in the heart of the Quezon province, each bottle embodies the unique characteristics and flavors of our area.

Drink responsibly.