What can you make from old wine bottles?

What can you make from old wine bottles?

So you've been enjoying that delicious bottle of Vin de Pays wine but now you're left with an empty glass vessel. Before you toss that bottle in the recycling bin, have you considered upcycling it into something new? There are tons of creative ways to repurpose old wine bottles that don't require any special skills. You can turn them into chic décor for your home, useful items for your kitchen, or handcrafted gifts for friends. Why buy expensive vases, candle holders or oil dispensers when you can easily make your own?

Upcycling Wine Bottles

What might seem like discarded wine bottles in your recycling bin can be transformed into something fresh and valuable through the art of upcycling. Why not grant them a second life as imaginative decorations or functional additions to your home? Old wine bottles stand out as remarkably versatile and aesthetically pleasing elements in home décor. They go beyond being just vases, lampshades, or planters; they can also serve as exquisite embellishments in your garden. All you need to do is take them apart and start making something new from them. Here are some ideas on how you can use old wine bottles for your home:


Plant Holders

Turn bottles into quirky planters or vases. Just clean them out, fill the bottom with stones for drainage, add potting mix and your favorite plants or freshly cut flowers. The narrow neck helps the plants stand upright and the glass shows off the roots. For a rustic look, you can etch or paint the bottles before using them.


Candle Holder

Group a few bottles together at different heights for an eye-catching candle display. Clean and dry the bottles, then fill the bottoms with sand, pebbles or beads to weigh them down. Add pillar candles, tealights or taper candles for an ambient glow.


Stunning Wind Chimes

Want an eco-friendly wind chime that adds charm to your garden? Look no further than your recycling bin. Those old wine bottles are perfect for crafting a one-of-a-kind wind chime. When a breeze blows through, you'll love the pleasant tinkling sounds of your wine bottle wind chime. The gorgeous colored glass glittering in the sunlight will make a stunning garden accent. Upcycling used materials into decorative items is an eco-friendly craft that adds whimsy to any outdoor space. Your wine bottle wind chime is sure to be a conversation piece that you'll enjoy for years to come. Reduce, reuse and reimagine – that's the beauty of repurposing!    

Chic Oil Lamps

Upcycling old wine bottles into oil lamps is an easy DIY project that gives the bottles a chic second life. All you need are a few basic supplies to turn empty bottles into decorative lamps perfect for mood lighting on your patio or in your home.

Your upcycled oil lamps will cast a warm, flickering glow for many nights to come. Be sure to share photos of your creations—we’d love to see them!

Beautiful Vases

Turning old wine bottles into vases is an easy DIY project that adds a rustic touch to your home décor. All you need are a few basic supplies and a little creativity.

Give your wine bottles a new lease on life as decorative vases. Paint them in your favorite colors, wrap them in twine, or decorate them with charming motifs. These DIY vases are perfect for displaying fresh or dried flowers, adding a personal touch to your home décor.


Craft Whimsical Fairy Gardens

Once you’ve enjoyed the wine from the bottles, keep the leftover glass vessels from going to waste. Repurpose them into whimsical fairy gardens that will delight both you and any tiny creatures in your yard.

With some leftover bottles, soil, and creativity, you'll have a magical miniature garden that makes use of items you already have. Your yard creatures are sure to appreciate such an inviting new habitat. These whimsical gardens also make wonderful gifts for fellow nature lovers. Transforming trash into treasure, your wine bottle fairy garden is a project that just keeps on giving.


Rolling Pin

A wine bottle makes an ideal rolling pin. Simply fill the bottle with water to add weight, then seal it shut. The rounded shape works perfectly for rolling out dough. The glass surface prevents sticking, and is easy to clean when you're done. For an extra special touch, you can etch or paint designs onto the surface before using. This creative kitchen essential will be a conversation piece every time you bake.


Herb Garden in Wine Bottle

You can easily turn an empty wine bottle into a mini herb garden. All you need is a bottle, potting soil, and herb starts or seeds. Your herb garden bottle makes an easy DIY gift for any gardener or wine lover. Once the seedlings sprout or the herb starts to establish itself, you'll have a flourishing mini garden and be harvesting homegrown herbs in no time!

Some great herbs for bottle gardens include:

  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary



So there you have it, 8 creative ways to give your old wine bottles a new life. With some DIY spirit and imagination, you've seen how you can turn trash into treasure and craft items that are useful, decorative or both. Upcycling is a fun, rewarding hobby that's also environmentally-friendly. Get started on your first project this weekend after you finish your bottles of Vin de Pays Fruit Wines - once you do, you'll surely be hooked and looking for more bottles to transform. Your friends and family will be impressed with your creativity, and your home will benefit from these decorative accents with a story. Cheers to giving new purpose to the ordinary and making eco-friendly choices each day!



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